Renewing vintage with Spoor38

In collaboration with Spoor38 we have given a new life to old factory lights. We wanted to contain the industrial appearance but also give it a design look that fits in your home. The lamps that were found in France are the perfect canvas for us . We have used our knowledge in materials and crafting our ideas from sketch to a final product, to create something remarkable and unique.

After disassembling the lamps, we wanted to add a special part made from a completely different material. We  experimented with rings of concrete, to separate the bakelite fitting housing from the aluminum shade. This was fine-tuned into a concrete part which has become one with the rest of the lamp's  silhouette. By giving the aluminium a new color and adding color to the concrete, the new look came alive.

LIMITED EDITION - The found in France comprised not more than 50 pieces. Each lamp will have its own sequential number e.g. "23/50", which makes the whole product a unique and rare item on its own.

Jeroen, owner of Spoor38, explains: Usually old factory lights are large in size, this small size is quite exceptional. During the search for vintage items in France I ran into these lamps. The lamps were used in a glass factory, where they were hanging over the workbenches. This is why the size is pretty small, normally industrial lamps are hanging close to the roof the create general lighting.

A great combination of bakelite and worn aluminum.